The word printmaking conjures up various ingrained associations. Many of these relate to traditional notions such as the bound, the two dimensional and the multiple, which must conform to order as a repeatable fixed pattern. My intention is to break with these conventional canons, and create an alternative paradigm in which to use traditional printmaking techniques.

Much of my work is inspired by my garden (a Heterotopia), which I have been building myself for the last eight years. In its small scale, this environment exemplifies the state of constant flux and ambiguity that characterise nature. Nature continuously generates multiples in which the repetitive, predetermined and imitative play a role, but also the mutated and the unpredictable. This uncertainty is reflected in the outcome of my work, which questions what the real 'nature' of nature is, the role of the human, deceptions and the resulting phenomena.

I see printmaking as a game of two. Not between the work and the artist, but between the work and the process. Ideas are placed within a process from which they are only removed at a point when I feel that I can take responsibility for the outcome.